_Hey there! I'm sorry for not being around for such a while, I just got a lot of work at school, nevertheless here I am, and guess what.. this is part III of the literature class project! I'm happy that this one-shots have been well recieved by this community! And so without further a do, here is part III!_

"An Inhale to Take Me to Wonderland"
I wonder what it is like in the world where Alice went. Even though the people in that place were completely mad and strange. They seemed to make Alice think a lot. Maybe they weren’t at all mad, just eccentric people who made out a different point of view of certain things in life… just like him.

He is always wondering about life… and how couldn’t he, being an observant person of a sort and my only true friend. He seemed to be a modern-age philosopher, making a point of view of the world where I lived.

Through his observations I smoked… a lot. The smoke relaxed me, just like a lit fire would’ve. The way the smoke of my cigarette made curling mesmerizing figures, sometimes made me wonder far out of the horizon that he was narrating me. That’s how I came to wonder about Wonderland.

About how in that place, ingenuity and craziness came to be the way of explanation to some, and to others the way to be transported to some imaginative world that little Alice created. Poor child, she didn’t have many friends to share her world; the kind that some of us envy because of its great creativeness that she had put in its creation; and last but not least its only exclusiveness, she was the only one that could enter.

I was wondering this, when his voice startled me. He said that he knew that I wasn’t listening to him; I asked him why he had come to such conclusion. He then answered that I had been wandering around the room looking at the ceiling. I laughed nervously and smoked my cigarette. After that he didn’t say anything, he knew that it would be pointless to talk to me while I was smoking.

It was as if he didn’t exist.

The more I smoked. The more nervous I got. But unlike other persons I didn’t want to “quit”.

First it was a box a day later two… then three per day.

I really wanted to go to Wonderland, something dark yet knowledgeable made me want to go there, more likely I wanted to be some other place, other than my apartment with him. He sometimes bored me. It wasn’t his fault though that I wandered among my thoughts.

Smoking became a lovely obsession; I strolled around my apartment, walked in the park, ate in restaurants, and made my meals with a cigarette in my hand. I ignored him a lot, sometimes he would shout at me, trying to make my head turn towards his direction, but I never did gave him the satisfaction of it. He gave up and watched me instead...

I must reind that this one-shot is purely fictional content. A school-project that me and my friends created for literature class. I do not support any sort of act that is related to having suicidal thoughts and actions, so if you or someone you know is have these thoughts and acts, dont hesitate to seek help or lend a helping hand.

also please let me know if you like this series or not by sending me postcards, if I receive a good respone I will continue posting this series, if not i will write about something else, so thanks a lot and take care.

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