hello! it's me, Melanie. so this is my first article and i'm not gonna lie, i'm really curious about this article thing that has been going on here so why the heck not try it out?

// here are some facts about me: //

  • i'm from Malaysia ( if you even know where that is, if you do, you da real MVP! )
  • i'm only 18 this year
  • i started university this year
  • my hobbies consist of reading, dancing, sleeping, and mostly eating and drinking coffee
  • kim taehyung aka my husband is my ultimate bias and the love of my life
  • i have never dated before (weird, i know)
  • i really love travelling and photography, too bad i don't have enough money for either
  • i'm very clumsy, trust me
  • i'm pure Chinese although i don't speak Chinese ( i know, disgraceful right? )
  • i really like hugs and cuddling!!!!
  • i write stuff for fun; i know it's not great but i try k

and that's all for today folks!

till next time,
mel x