IMAGINE : Yoongi
Yoongi was listening to music as he sat in a chair. He was on the porch thinking of where in the world did the boys disappear too.
He noticed someone walking closer carrying shopping bags. "Who are you?" "Oh, Hi I am Y/N, Jimin's friend. He said to come over to make dinner." Yoongi nods looking at the girl. He got up and helped her with the bags as he led them inside. "The boys will come back soon, how about we start on dinner together." "Great, although i didn't get your name?" "Yoongi, or Suga which ever you prefer." Y/N nods.

"Have I seen you before?" "I don't think so." "....I could have sworn." They start taking stuff out and getting ready to cook. Y/N takes out her phone and puts on piano music. Yoongi freezes turning slowly to look at her. "Oh i'm sorry, do you not like it?" "No.. I do, just surprised me that's all." She nods as she starts cutting. Yoongi stares at her, noting that her clothes were covered in paint. "I'm an artist, if you're asking." Hmm?" "My clothes? I am an artist at Laya Studios. I paint for living. My smock was dirty, so i painted free style." "Oh." "What do you do for living?" "I'm rapper. I also write songs." "oh that is awesome."

She made her way to the stove, and started dropping food in as he stood back and watched. They had talked about how she was the girl in the restaurant, how Jimin 'forced' her to spend the day with him. He would tell her how the group of the were formed, their personalities instantly connecting. He had never met someone like her, and she felt like he was someone who rarely opened up to people so it felt amazing when he opened up to her.
They talked about random things and what not when she said a lame joke he felt like laughing at her adorableness

gif, agust d, and leather jacket image
she was cute, someone who he had something common with, she was different and she liked that

He was has amused by her. It did not last long when he heard someone open the door.
They turned to see the boys, laughing as they set the stuff down. Jimin saw Y/N and smiled widely. "Y/N! You're here! Everyone this is my new friend I met at the shop, Y/N these are the guys. Jin-hyeong, NamJoon-hyeong, Hobi-hyeong, Tae-hyeong. and Jungkookie, I see you met Yoongi-hyeong." Y/N nodded slowly. "Hello, I am Y/N," "Wow you actually are real, we thought Jiminiee was messing with us." Y/N felt her cheeks turn red as everyone started helping cook. Y/N sat down with Jimin as he introduced her to Jungkook properly and V, his best friend. They would be talking but Y/N had her eyes on one certain boy. Yoongi looked over at
her from his seat with Namjoon and Hobi, seeing as she was looking at him as well. He sent her a smile, before looking down. He can't get involved with her, he knew Jungkook liked her since the day she disappeared.
Even if you already knew
We couldn’t stop
No way, no way, no way, falling

He was known for being a sunshine, for being caring towards his friends, no these guys are his family. He has always noted things, like how a certain older hyeong liked a certain girl. How a certain maknae liked the same girl. How an adorable Chim Chim had made a friend all on his own and doesn't want anyone to take her away.

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