I am a sixteen years old girl from germany who thinks some people may find it interesting to read about her life.
I wanted to have a blog for a long time so I think this is a great opportunity to do it. So first, I am going to talk about myself.
As I said, I am sixteen years old, I am turning seventeen next January, I live in germany, near cologne. I am in 11th grade and in two years I’ll graduate and I still have no clue what I am going to do after school besides traveling.
For those who are interested in how I look, currently I have dark brown and thin hair, shoulder length and blue-gray eyes, I have long lashes, sadly no freckles, I have two piercings (a helix and a conch both in my left ear) and two normal lobes (for those who don’t know, lobes are these normal earrings), kind of bushy eyebrows and I just don’t get to manage the form of them, I have a scar on my forehead but it’s almost unseen and I am 1,70 m ( 5”7) tall.
So my hobbies are riding and these obvious teenage things like listening to music, meeting up with friends, being in the internet and stuff like this
I think music is very important and I could talk for hours about it. My two favorite artist ever are Harry Styles and The Weeknd. I know it is a bit weird because they are so different. And yes of course I like one direction but I just like Harry Styles as a solo artist better even thought I’d like to see them back together. My third favorite artist are the boys from 5sos, I just love that they are doing almost everything of their music by themselves, and I love their voices and I love that they were friends before they got famous and worked so hard. For the rest of the time when I am not listening to a specific artist I have a kind of 5sos/blink182/arctic monkeys kind of music taste.

Another big part of me are tv shows, like I almost watched every famous tv show, I watched pretty little liars (stopped at season5), bates motel, riverdale, thirteen reasons why, game of thrones, breaking bad, walking dead, prison break, Mr. Robot, Akward, freaks and geeks, friends, stranger things ( love vintage things), misfits, glue, bojack horseman, but the bests are Game of thrones and riverdale. And I love this riverdale vibe and my favorite character is Cheryl and I love her actress Madeleine Petsch.
So I still don’t really know what my “blog” will be about but I think I am just going to write about fashion, Make up, music, news, school, maybe sometimes political things if there are things going on that I am interested in, or maybe I am just telling some stories of some things that happened to me, because I think there were some things that could have been like in a movie, but most of the time I will just tell you my opinion to things and of course you can write me if you want to talk about some things or if you have an idea about what I can write about.