Fall is my favorite season of the year, I think that's very wonderful to watch the leaves falling of the trees, to drink pumpking spice latte among other stuff that is very inspirational on this season.

1°- Cook apple pie! I always invite my aunt to my place to make some apple pie, because I swear she's the best at it !

2°- Go to a halloween costume party. This is A thing!

3°- Decorate your room. Last year I printed some fall images and I put them on picture holders, I bought some fall leaves and I put them in my headboard with my christmas lights and I bought some halloween decorations.

4°- Cook halloween inspired cupcakes with your friends, I made monsters and I put in them edible eyes.

5°- Have an afternoon just for you, watching halloween movies, with your blanket and some pumpkin spiced coffee

6°- Carve a pumpkin, I swear this is very entertaining! And I love how carved pumpkings look with a light inside. They look like if you just had bought it!

7°- Buy loose sweaters and a new pair of boots, I love shooping and making outfits for fall! So, this is the perfect match for me.