In a corner of my memory
There’s a brown piano
A corner of my childhood home
There’s a brown piano

I remember it then, It was much taller than me
The brown piano, I was enticed by it
I looked up and yearned for you
When I caressed it with my small fingers
“I feel so nice, mom I feel so nice”
I used to touch the keys whichever way my hand went
I didn’t realize the meaning of you then
I was happy when I looked at you

I remember then, it was around when I was in elementary school
When my height had gotten a little taller than yours
I turned away from you who I used to adore
Your keys like white jade would collect dust
I didn’t realize even then, when you were neglected
Your significance, wherever I may be, you were always
There, but
I didn’t know that was the end
Don’t go like this, you say..

“I may leave but don’t worry
You will be fine on your own
I remember when I first met you
You’ve already grown so much
This is the end of our relationship
But never be sorry to me
You will meet me again in some shape or form
Greet me happily then”

I remember then, what I had completely forgotten
I was about 14 years old when I came before you
I was awkward only for a moment, I caressed you again
Even though I was away for a long time, you received me
Without resistance
without you there’s nothing
The early morning passes and we greet the morning together
Don’t ever let go of my hand
I won’t ever let go of yours

I remember the end of my teens
You burned it all together with me, it was a time when I couldn’t see
An inch before me, I cried and laughed
Because I was together with you, even those moments
Are pleasant memories
I grabbed onto my shattered shoulder and said
I really can’t go on
Whenever I wanted to give up
You said to me by my side
Bro, you can really make it
Yeah yeah, I remember how I was tired and wandering back then
When I was in a pit of despair
I pushed you away and resented that I met you
But you were always by my side even though I didn’t say anything
So don’t you ever let go of my hand
Because I will never again let go of yours
My birth and the end of my life
You will be the one to witness it all

In a corner of my memory
There’s a brown piano
A corner of my childhood home
There’s a brown piano