Hi there,
It's 12:34 am and I, girl from the countryside of a quite big city, can't sleep. I should be sat on a train in exactly six hours because tomorrow is my first day of school, but I can't sleep and I'm really afraid I won't hear the alarm tomorrow morning... just so you know.
I really like this new 'articles' thing, I'm enjoying writing in the bed with soft autumnal relaxing music.
I think I will write again sometime, (maybe not while my mom's screaming on the other floor because my brother's always late).
Honestly, I don't think many of you guys will arrive to read till this point... Actually I'm not writing anything interesting but you already know something about my life!! Is it interesting? my life I mean; well, I guess not, but I don't care so much about it; it doesn't have to be cool, mysterious or something else at my age already; I have a lot of time to make it better (I hope).
Well, I guess I'm gonna try to find out how many sheeps my brain sees,
goodnight everyone xx