It Happens

Coffee in the mornings
Afternoons I lay awake
And hope that something's out there
Something that can take away
My breaking state of mind
Breaking state of hatefulness
It happens all the time
It happens

Having coffee in the mornings
Afternoons I waste away
And hope that he returns soon
Smiling with patient grace
And makes sure that i'm fine
Makes sure that my mind is calm
It happens all the time
It happens

It happens, it happens
It happens, it happens

Like a plane crash shark bite, I know that the chance is low
But I'll be waiting here until the day that you can stand to go
Where I am, 'cause I'm not a patient man
But I could wait forever for another chance to take your hand
And dance in place, break a manic state and start to feel again
Drift through space, kiss my bliss away inside a helix spin
Wistful hate, self-inclined and self-inflicated lately
I'm no help with livin', dear, I'm just a selfish fucking baby
And that's too real... far too real to ever say it
So i'll rewrite this verse again and strike all the cursive penned
And think of something better, a bit less detrimental
My life is still in beta... my hit-reg existential
For now, at least, I cower in my coward speech
Happiness is out of reach whenever you are out of reach
I'd give it all away for just a single hour each
Where both of us can come to terms with our off-balance feet
And learn to walk again

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( Defiantly not my words, credits to the amazing Atlas for his beautiful, empathetic lyrics. Please check him out using the link below. )

Song : Atlas - It Happens