With summer coming to a close, the dreaded "s" word that every student hears on TV, is just around the corner!

School is a pot of stress, laughs, lack of sleep, pages of notes, and loads of coffee.
Typically the first few days are a breeze!

Until the first essay is assigned.

As students, we all share the same struggles with school, along with individual ones that no one knows about.

The semester is going to start one way or another, so here's a list of tips to make your school year a bit more bearable!

#1 Organize and plan ahead

Some of us think organization wastes too much time, or takes too much energy, which, in some cases is true.
BUT, keeping your priorities in order- whether it be a planner, bullet journal, sticky notes, you name it, can save one less headache for your brain.
Overthinking causes more stress, and excess stress won't help your mental stability before mid-terms.

If organizing isn't your thing, start small!

eos, watch, and ipad image

Having a small book with dates for the whole year is incredibly useful for writing down due dates or anything you want!

It doesn't stop there though.

Make your planner stand out! Make it YOU.
Add stickers, use colorful ink, sticky notes, highlighters, the options are endless!
Make your personalized planner a place of planning; as it should be!

If you want a snazzy planner, check out Barnes and Noble! (It's where I got mine :p).

Bullet Journals!
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Bullet journals are the next best thing to a planner; many students prefer bullet journals over planners, because it's 100% unique to you!

If you think a bullet journal is for you, grab a blank paged book and get creating!

Here area few examples to kick-start your creative ideas:

Cell phones!
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Majority of the population has one, so...use it for what it's made for!

If writing down your plans isn't for you, plug it in your phone calendar!

#2 Prioritization

This also fits into planning, but it's important to emphasize, because you shouldn't waste so much time that doesn't benefit for yourself.

YOU are those most important person in that space bubble of yours. Only you know how your body and mind feels 24/7, so TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF.


After long hours of school and work, sleep is crucial before starting the next day.
Sometimes you sleep on the back burner and stay up 'til 4am writing that paper you should've wrote four fdays ago.

It's okay, everyone's done it.

Prioritizing your needs and wants into different categories can ultimately change all nighters into getting a good nights sleep.

If you follow through with it of course.

If you want to watch a season of Netflix on Thursday night, go for it! As long as you have everything you planned completed, you won't be ripping out your hair.

Do what you know you can complete in a given amount of time so you're not stuck at the desk for 13 hours.

A few time efficient tips before bedtime rolls around:

  • Take frequent study breaks! Scroll on Instagram for 5 minutes, do some push ups. Do something to stretch your legs and back from sitting for so long!
  • Have non caffinated tea, coffee, or water at the table with you so you don't waste time constantly getting up to refill.
  • Play good music. Everyone has a special playlist; create one for you to keep yourself focused!
  • Know your limits. Don't exhaust yourself to the point of death. Go out, eat, exercise!
  • Don't stare at your phone for several hours. Turn it off and hit the hay!
  • Get yourself settled in your sheets and relax before sleeping. It settles your body down so you don't wake up stiff and anxious.

#3 Ambition

Temporarily removed

7-9 months is a long school year, and it's tough.
Only you can hold yourself accountable for your habits. Friends, counselors, and teachers also help, but it all ends with YOU.

You hold the power to make it a great day, semester, and year! Bad days happen, life gets in the way sometimes. It's only your job to get yourself back on track!

Have a vision, faith in yourself, and determination to get through each month.

Before you know it, it'll be summer break, or GRADUATION!

School doesn't last forever, so make the best of your time to be successful in whatever grade level you're in!

Here's a personal favorite collection with great school tips:

Make it a wild year!