All she ever wanted was to look him in the eyes and see him look at her the same way she was looking at him. Full of love and joy. The man she loved most. All her life she tried to make him proud, to show him how much she achieved, how much she loved him no matter what.
But all he saw was the failures and disappointments. Everything that was wrong with her shone through to him no matter what.
Then those bad things started growing like weed in a beautiful garden of roses until there was no garden anymore only wilderness.
How much she tried to go back to her previous self she never really managed because there was always some weed sprawling in some corner or cracks.
He eventually stopped looking at her because she was no longer a garden of roses but a mess of weed and destruction.
Turned his back and abandoned this place of disappointment. He eventually seeded a new garden worth of his attention and never looked back to his old garden. Because in that new garden he not only had roses but sunflowers, apple trees and beautiful lilies. He liked those best and he liked giving all his attention to them.
That was the time she realized she never was meant to be a garden but a forest and that a gardener is nothing without his seeds and that she didn’t need his attention when she had all the attention from mother nature herself.
Mother nature loved all of her children the beautiful gardens and the messy forests because she was able to see the beauty in both.