im devastated. have my efforts been worth nothing this entire time? for those who are asking, no im not supporting the whi revolution hashtag. why? because the whole thing was pretty much my idea. i was thinking about doing with MONTHS ago, as a matter of fact i was already doing this months ago, a lot of you may know, i protested to the top people on whi by myself, to campaign for what you guys wanted. i was thinking about using hashtags to spread the message that whi needed to change (this was waayy before articles were released.)

i feel betrayed. honestly, i really do. i'm seeing people use the whi revolution hashtag, and every single time i see it, my heart breaks a little more. i don't feel like i can truly trust anyone on whi anymore, the people who i spoke to about my ideas months ago were either using the hashtag, or claiming it as their own original idea. so therefore im taking an indefinite break from whi, i may not even come back. im not going to delete my account for two reasons, 1) if i want to come back (and tbh as im writing this i dont want to come back) and 2) to keep all of my uploads for you guys to still look back at.

for those who are taking part in my kylie cosmetics giveaway, the giveaway is still open. i will message the winner on september 15th 2017, if you don't hear from me then unfortunately you haven't won.

i love you guys. dammit im actually crying now, i didn't think i was going to cry. ummm thank you, honestly, all of the love, support and loyalty that i have recieved over the past 4 years was absolutely EVERYTHING to me. EVERYTHING. you were there when i was cringey little 14 year old kid who at the time, had absolutely zero taste in photos. you were there when i was genuinely considering ending everything over a year ago. you there during my highs. and you were there during my lows. some of you were there when i hit 10k, which left me in tears of joy/disbelief for an entire week. a lot of you when i hit 54k, which was my actual goal for some reason totally random i know, not 50k, not 100k not a million but 54k. and i am proud to say that most of you guys now were there when i hit 100k, a month ago tomorrow as i write this.

please don't think i'm throwing all of this away, i may not actually be eventually. i just haven't been truly happy on whi lately, obviously the milestones and opportunities i've recieved to work with various brands over the years have been incredible (but you guys will always outshine that). things have been going on recently (whi related) and this whi revolution just tipped me over the edge. and im now done.

i love you guys, i will miss you guys so fucking much. and i promise, i'll never ever forget you.