"I cannot wait to be intertwined again"

Okay, here we go....hello there. It´s been a while since I last visited this page (almost a year) and I´m so delighted to find this new 'article' thing.

I´ve never had the opportunity to have a blog of my own (because I´m not confident enough to do it) However I decided to suck it up, grow some boobs and write whatever the hell I want in this space. Of course, I don´t intend to offend anybody, I always spread love and positivity.
I´m so exited to speak with the truth, and of course, try to make this as inclusive as posible, because I feel like nowadays we are all trying to create gaps instead of strong ties.
Here, you´ll find music, arts, trends, opinion columns, politics....global warming (?) ,ANYTHING. Soooo....