My September Faves// 2017

Fall is 100% my favorite season. The cozy sweaters, endless amounts of Netflix, Pumpkin Spice Lattes, hot cocoa... I mean, like, how can anyone refuse?

That is why today I will be sharing with you my September Favorites 2017

September, autumn, and fall image


The air is cold, all you can hear outside is the light tapping of raindrops on your roof. As your snuggled up in your favorite blanket reading a good book, you see a candle... all alone in the corner of your room. You quickly grab a lighter, the smell of pumpkin spice slowly spreads it's scrumptious smell throughout your room. The smell makes you happy.

autumn, book, and candle image


Your book starts to bore you. You think to yourself, what better way to relax than to watch Netflix? As you're scrolling through Netflix, you find two great shows...

Image removed chandler, chandler bing, and Joey image


While your trying to decide, you notice the rain has stopped. A perfect opportunity to go shopping for the new season! As soon as you get there you're dazzled by the prices! Shirts for 2 dollars, jeans for 10, coats for 30!! You walk out with 3 bags. Costing only 50 bucks! All you can say is wow.

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Billie Eilish, Marina and the Diamonds, Kirstin

You decide to end your day with some music...

  • Billie Eilish- Ocean Eyes, idontwannabeyouanymore, COPYCAT
  • MatD- American Dream, Oh No
  • Kirstin- All Night, Break a Little
  • Courage My Love- We're Not in Kansas Anymore
  • PVRIS- White Noise, St. Patrick