• Stay hydrated. Drink 2-3l every day!
  • Take care of your Skin. Always remove your Makeup & use moistruizer!
  • Apply a good perfume & use Deo!
  • Use Coconut oil for your hair before showering!
  • Eat healthier!
  • Use olive oil for ur eyelashes before you go to bed!
  • Do your homework, no excuses!
  • Brush your teeth 5min every da
  • Sleep 7-8h!
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  • Paint your nails every Sunday in a nice nude Color & Keep them in a pretty shape!
  • Use a face mask & scrub once a week!
  • Workout 30min 5 days per week!
  • Go for a walk/ go running twice a week!
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  • Take a bath once a month!
  • Buy something nice at least once a month!
  • Keep your eyebrows fleeky!
  • Cleen your room once a month!
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