Alohaa! My name is Kelly and welcome to my 4th article! This article is on my August Favourites! August is already over and its now September which means ( well for me ) it's back to school... and fall/autumn is finally here ❤


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This past month i've been loving the clothing brand LEVI'S. My new back to school backpack is levi's and i know levi's is more on the pricey end of shops but theres actually so many cute pieces of clothing you can find for less than what you expect! My personal favourite items from Levi's that i have recently purchased : denim jacket,denim jacket with fur inside, their t-shirt(s) with their logo and their tank top with their logo.


I've literally been wearing sunglasses for the whole of summer/august.I recently purchased two pairs of sunglasses from asos ( which has become my favourite online shop ). One of the sunglasses is reflective and shaped as a hexagon which sounds weird but it looks super trendy and very comfy. The next pair i got is the ordinary 90's round framed tinted sunglasses which go with every outfit.


You can find eyelash curlers everywhere however the past few months i've been looking for a good quality but not expensive eyelash curler and i was introduced to the she uemura eyelash curler from my sister ( i know iconic ) and i love it. I use it when i have to go out or i'm meeting up with someone and i just squeeze the eyelash curler down and give it 3 pumps and you end up with amazing curled lashes !


My favourite songs that i have basically put on repeat this month is quite a variety of styles. Place We Were Made - Maisie Peters this song by Maisie is chill and super cute. ILYSB - LANY LANY is literally my new favourite band , their songs are super relaxed and chill but with a beat if that makes sense. And this song is just perfect if you need a chilled out few minutes. Bodak Yellow - Cardi B this song is more on the explicit side so it might not be everyones cup of tea but its literally savage and just a good 'lit' tune.


( Haha that rhymed ) Nyx professional makeup wonder stick is my new favourite contour product. I normally use contour powder but recently i purchased the contour stick (with a highlight stick on the other end) and i love it. All the way through august i've been using it and it gives a very natural contour. I just draw a line on my cheekbones and blend it in with the real techniques buffing brush (probably not what its meant to be used for but it works).


Denim jackets have been literally my favourite thing to throw on above my top just to add layers and a more put together look. I've been especially loving oversized denim jackets because it gives off a very trend and cosy look, plus it keeps you warm and you can wear it on one shoulder ( the other side is flopped down to your elbow kinda look ) , around your waist etc.

That is all the items that i have been loving through out August! Its not a lot a lot of things but it'll do haha. I go back to school on wednesday so i might do a back to school article.

Kelly xx

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