Hy, im Esther, im from Hungary, but i live in Austria and im actually half swedish lol. Im 15, but in September i will turn into 16.
A little bit about me: i like reading, and i like watching series. My favorite tv serie is Game of thrones and the big bang theory, my fav movie is the split and the lord of the rings (im obsessed with that lmao) I really like this fantasy thing, i think like this is a lifestyle, cuz for example, if u read you can live thousands of lifes before you die and i think is really true, thats why i read so much.
Im actually a vegetarian, i was vegan for a month, but i realised that here are happy animals in Austria, cuz here where I live there are in every second house more than twenty cows and its not like a slaughterhouse.
I really like nature. Like go outside, exploring, go to adventures, climb a mountain etc. I have this wanderlust vibe.
Now a little information about my dream.
I want to live in the US or in Canada, in the mountains, with the love of my life and with a Huskey (thats my dream dog) I wanna live in a little wooden house in the forest. I wanna travel around the world, exploring new things and places.
I like writing, so thats why I write this blog or idk what. I want to share my thoughts and my stories from my head with the world.
XOXO Esther