While the majority of Americans sit safely in the comfort of their homes this weekend, thousands of Texans have been displaced and devastated by the destruction caused by Hurricane Harvey, even being flooded out of shelters that were their only place to turn after their homes had suffered the same fate.

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Though the total cost of the damage still remains unclear, one thing is certain: it will take years for Texas to recover. The economic impact of Hurricane Harvey could be as high as $190 billion, according to experts.

Accuweather, an American media company that provides commercial weather forecasting services, estimates that Harvey's cost to the economy will be close to that of Hurricanes Katrina and Superstorm Sandy combined.

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This Labor Day should be a time of fun for family and friends, but for many who have lost everything, there isn't much to celebrate. However, the outpouring of support has been immense, with some taking to social media to express their thoughts, opinions, and concerns.

One article posted by a user here on WeHeartIt details her experience of the storm,

"Water didn't get into my house but did get about 4 feet in height and halfway up the walkway to my house."

Relief efforts and donations have been ensuring that those most affected by Hurricane Harvey get the help and resources they need as soon as possible. However, countless lives have still been claimed as the death toll continues to rise.

50 people have died and more bodies may be found as homes still submerged under flood waters slowly begin to become accessible to rescue teams.

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Wherever you are this Labor Day weekend, let's take a moment to pray for all those affected by Hurricane Harvey and try to do our part to help those in need.

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