flowers and candles, they symbolize love and life. a red rose looks dry, a candle burns out, and the darkness of this room and my outfit represents the end rather than beginning .

The colors black and white represents of recalling our good memories in the past that we had made together. These despairing colors also represent the sadness we had when we seperated .

a white cage is shown and it symbolizes us; the white roses in the cage speaks out these words, ' I devote myself to you ' .

hidden under a veil that feels like an egg shell, i peel it off then wear it like a bridal veil. my past feels like the egg itself and taking it off, shows that i am reborn again. there is a small candle with a tiny flame. i watch the brightness of the flame fade away with an expressionless face.

i stare into the darkness then walk into it. the darkness infront of me speaks out the word ' oblivion ' . while walking into the darkness, i seem to hesitate since i can't forget my past. i hold my feelings down then finally go into a place where the blinds are stuck with these steps i take .

these blinds glitter because of the repeated patterns which are films that represent our memories together all as one. the monotone colors speak out the words , ' these fond memories are recalled by you but they're all in the past, it is now time that you move on ' .

laying on a bed in black clothing, we close our eyes which means that we have moved on. there is a white cage with white roses in it and a frame around it. that means that we had left our past but we will treasure them until the day we die.

" you had disbanded but your music will be eternal. "