Tuesday, 7:59pm

It's funny how every time I go out, no matter where I may go, I always look around. I search, search, and search for something. At first, I didn't know what it was, but I slowly realized what exactly it was that I was searching so desperately for: it was you. It's you; I search for you. I see your face everywhere I go, and I always hope I run into you somewhere, sometime. I get flashbacks of the times we were together every time I pass by a spot where we once went. I remember everything that happened. Every single detail. All the laughs, conversations and the looks you gave me. I remember how I was so bold with you; never afraid of speaking my mind or showing affection towards you. If I wanted to hold your hand, I'd do it. If I wanted to kiss you, I'd kiss you. I'm constantly reminded how unnervingly comfortable I was with you. How you're the only person I've ever been that comfortable with. With others, I'm afraid of showing my feelings because I don't want to seem vulnerable, but with you, I enjoyed it. I loved showing you how much I loved you because you would get so happy and I knew you felt the same way about me. I remember how you always wanted to hold me and how you'd pepper my face with kisses. We were so young, but so in love. I can't believe I hurt you. I can't believe I brought us to this. I can't believe we aren't together. I can't believe you have someone else. I always thought we were forever. I never once thought anything less, even when I stopped talking to you. But now things are like this, and I am alone. I am the only one remembering all of this and the only one still loving. Please, come back. That would make me so damn content. But, I don't deserve that, do I? I don't deserve you.