I am sure that if the moon could speak, she would tell us a story, her story.

She would write us a book or a song or a poem or millions.

She would tell us her story.

Why does she have scars?
Why does it have craters?
What happened?

She would tell us her past.
She would tell us her present.
She would tell us her fight
She would tell us feelings, emotions like no one had ever done before.

Because the moon is beautiful.
It is the most beautiful star.
The moon is pure.
It is a source of light that has guided and will guid human beings until the end of time

In the darkest moments, it illuminates us.
During the nights during us on a fear, it guides us, reassures us, calms us.

It is magnificent and admirable.
For me, it is perfect.

She has more scars than all of the other stars and she's not ashamed of them.

She points the tip of her nose every night without being afraid of the look of us, stupid human beings.

I like to think she is not afraid because despite these scars she knows she is beautiful and not ashamed of her past because it is not a weakness, it is not a shame.

She survived, she went through all these trials and came out, certainly wounded but alive.
And she is proud of it.

In the end, I admire the moon every night because it illuminates me but at bottom, it is surely because it is my model.

I would love to not be ashamed.

• Nesrine •
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