We Heart It is giving us an opportunity to express our feelings, our thoughts, our ideas... So I decided to write something too because "Why not?!". I am going to write about some things and words that make my days beautiful even when things are bad.

They are so small but so powerful such as a smile, a hug, a laugh, a kiss... A "good-morning" when you wake up and a "good-night" before you go to bed. A "Thank You" and a "Please".
We say these words and we might do these things every day without even knowing the impact that they might have in other people's lives and ours too.

I believe that everybody needs to see a smiley face or hear a laugh at least one time a day. All the smiles and laughs are different but they all have their own beauty. I am 99.9% sure that a happy smile and a laugh will make anybody feel more positive. If you don't see happy faces in your everyday life then be one and I promise somebody will smile back.

I am writing this with a big ass smile in my face, I hope I made at least one person smile while reading this.
Goodnight or Good morning xx

-Chryso Ant- :)