We all talk about the man-made side of Fall, we go on and on about halloween, pumpkin carvings, chunky sweaters and pumpkin spice lattes served with extra foam.

But what about the fall that was there before we got here, the one that was created by nature and goes through a yearly loop that comes after the wave of heat that we call summer.

Why don't we discuss the crackling leaves under our footsteps when we walk home from the bus stop?

Why dont we mention the gorgeous sunsets, that are accompanied by the chilly weather that almost makes our noses runny and our cheeks all red?

And why dont we talk about the fresh breezes that ruffle the trees' branches?

Fall is the season where everything is cozy and the world isn't so loud anymore.

Just sayin' every single detail is perfected in this time of the year like a real-life work of art.