(hey thanks for choosing to read this xo)
hi, this is basically a list of things that make me happy, and make me feel that feeling of comfort...

sitting on a windowsill and looking at the sky in summer, the stars are out and you can hear children laughing.

listening to 'la vie en rose' by louis armstrong and imagining my self walking through the streets of Paris. I would look up and take in the buildings. I would sit on the steps beneath Sacre Coeur and stare at the view.

when you have a really good idea and you rush to write it down and then you re read it and applaud yourself for thinking so greatly.

talking with friends about things we are excited for, for example, growing up together and sleeping in a hotel room together and running down the halls.

listening to a song that you heard on holiday (vacation) and it reminds you of the heat and the sunsets.

sitting with all of my family, whether it's out for dinner, on holiday or just out in the back garden having a fire and listening to the 80's hits playing on the radio. i enjoy listening to them laughing and recalling memories and just the feeling you get of feeling welcome and comfortable.

discovering a book and re reading it so much that it began to hold a special space in my heart, and it makes me feel comfortable and content whilst reading it.

finding a song that makes you feel. whether it's the lyrics or just the instrumental. it could make you feel anything but it still makes you feel something.

listening to the waves crash

hearing people laughing, i get that sounds creepy but it makes me want to laugh along.

watching a family member or a friend laugh so hard they begin to cry. or laughing so hard that i start to cry myself.

when all of my friends are together and we all get really deep into conversation about something, or we are all laughing at something and it makes me feel like i belong with them, like i actually enjoy their company.

when i finish something i had been slacking off and i can take a deep breath knowing i can relax without having the weight of worry on me.

when i help a stranger and they actually appreciate what you had done, and you appreciate them, being appreciative.

... These are the moments i think about and they make me feel happy, and welcome, and content, and have this humble feeling.
They just make me feel. They make me, me.