it's sunday night and the depresion feeling come back to me. Every time that i put my feet in this house is like that... i tried to like the house and the people but it's imposible to me. The negative energy unfortunately makes me more and more sad.
My flatemates is two families and two people from the same country about me. The families are really strict and them always make questions about my life and this piss me off.
I'm trying hard to do another things and try to forget that but it's really difficult, i can have the best day of my life but when i come back to 'home' - sorry but i can't called this home - every shit come back to my mind...
I can't just move the house because i don't have any money for do that and i don't wanna disturb anybody, so i just stay quite try making money for move this.
The frequency that i'm feeling like this is getting bigger and i really don't know what i suppose to do for run away. At least i don't know how but i'm doing really good at english school and this and my boy are the only things that make me happy right now.
Every weekend i just pretend this things don't keep going with me, but... it's keep going and going and going.
I only have to keep focusing on my english course. Writing every day is helping me, i mean, is good write about your feelings and one more time i just wanna apologyse for my bad english. I promise this is going to be great in the future.

- @favorettodinny.
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