I find it interesting how the dreams I have now may come true? Who knows what that feels like? Being in the place you dreamt of being in many years ago? Being famous, being happy, achieving a goal, whatever your dreams may be there WILL be a day when that may come true. And when it does you won't be you 'in the future' you will just be you, it will be present. The life you have always wanted to live will be your present. I wonder how that feels. The problem is, only people who have lived their dreams know how that feels. I wonder. I wonder how it will feel when I am living the life I have always known I could live. When I see that happening I am the older version of me that I don't know, but when it happens, you are that person, you are conscious, you are present and the you that you are now, the one that is dreaming, will be in the past. So hold on to your dreams and think how much they mean to you, because one day you will be living them.

Stay dreaming, stay believing, you got this!
Love, Ella xx