It's 11:00 pm... way past my bedtime,
but I can't fall asleep.
My soul is wandering around
I can't seem to find it,
I am sure it doesn't know where it's going either...
for I can't feel anything.

Image by •ѕαℓηαяιχ•

but I need to be up by 6... there's so much I need to do.. I need to..

What was it that I had to do?
Well it doesn't matter, right now I just need to go to sleep.

Without thinking, I start dreaming, and without knowing, I'm sleeping.

It's already 10:00 am... I overslept... again.
I'm late, I need to get up.
but I can't get up
I stay laying there,
I can't go back to sleep, and I can't get up.

today as well,
I'm trapped...

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