Hello, hi, greetings. I've seen a lot, an immense, incredible amount of BS and romanticism of studying. Highlighting, note taking while the information is in front of you, eating 'good for the brain' foods, drinking coffee, playing music, decorating notes, motivation.

I understand: different strokes for different folks, so I must clarify; this is me and things that have worked for me ever so efficiently. We are all our own, unique, original (if we speak and do from the soul, that is) so 'what works for me might not work for you'

Let's get to it, I hope this helps you, I hope you learn something from it so read actively and with intent.

1) Motivation will run out, passion will disappear and reappear randomly. That's where self discipline comes in. You cannot work whenever you feel like it. That, my friend, is the key to failure. You must force yourself to raise the bar, to go further than others, to work hard and work smart. Set goals for that day, week, month and year, and work your ass off to get there. Force yourself, no matter how much you want to avoid it. Sometimes, the vision won't be there, sometimes it will. Your inconsistent motivation will be no obstacle, as you will develop an iron will of self discipline which will make you basically unstoppable in the pursuit of reaching and achieving.

2)Don't waste time doing things that look like work, but really are not work. For me, highlighting is BS. Unless, it's completely necessary for certain topics where key information must be found and analysed and constantly referred to. So, be honest. Think, is highlighting actually helping you? How do you know? What affect is it having and would your work be as efficient, less efficient or more efficient without it? Right now, ask yourself. I'll wait. Go on. Do it. Another example is looking at the material while writing notes. No. Read it thoroughly, think about it, understand it, criticise it, question it, then write it without looking a the material, completely from your brain. Seems like a lot of work, but no. It is worth it. Why? Because your brain will become more active, you will become more critical, you will learn the information properly, you will not be regurgitating information like a sheep.

3)Answer practice questions. They force you to recall, which solidifies the information in your brain. They also familiarise you with the question and answer style of your examiner.

4)Ask questions in class. Be confident, give yourself self respect, you don't need other peoples' approval and to be honest, they don't really care about what you'er doing so if you don't understand anything, ask. If you're curious about something and you've failed to think of an answer, ask. But think before you ask. You may, and probably will, figure out the answer. If not, ask. Be curious, wander (or wonder, whatever).

5)Don't ever slack. Be the best. Always do the work when it's given. Do your homework when it's given. Never leave it, otherwise it will all add up to a massive amount of work and you may feel stressed. Just do it when you get it.

6) Read books, research, study other things. Do not rely on the education system alone to educate you. Intrigue yourself with books, satisfy your curiosity, be smart. Without this, you will lack originality, you could easily be boring because you would lack curiosity. The more interest you have in the world, the more interesting you are, they say. Read the news, research. What things have you studied? Find FIND topics that interest you, and study them. Study relevant things today in the world. Watch documentaries. Learn. Never stop. Listen to the greats speak, study them. Get better.

7)Find a hobby. Find a creative outlet. I draw. It's a 'philosophy' of mine, I suppose. That if i uncover my drawing style, my visual creating in terms of pencil to paper style, i uncover a part of myself. I discover an original part of me. I also like seeing what I, me, from my original touch, could create using a pencil and a paper alone.

That's all for today. Thanks for reading, God bless your soul!