Instagram is probably the most used social media platform today because of its inspirational content and cool pics.
An instagram theme is a reoccurring colour or type of picture shown throughout your feed. Most common themes consist of simplistic warm tones, or clean white shades.
So here's some tips, showing you guys how to achieve tumblr-esque pics and feeds.

1) Keep it simple.
Always remember, less is more. if you think about the layout of the instagram feeds, every picture is crammed next to the other, menaing if all your pictures are busy and full, it may end up looking messy and chaotic.
Simple colour block walls or white backgrounds are ideal!

2) Lighting.
Ring lights are great and all, but they're expensive as hell and not that mobile, so there's this little thing called the SUN!!!
Although it sounds basic and obvious, the natural lighting from the sun is so great and leaves you with a picture 'au natural' with glowing skin.
For the best results, sunrise and sunset lighting is bomb.

3) Theme ideas.
Themes help to tidy up your feed and make it look more professional. As I mentioned earlier the clean white themes are great but don't limit yourself. When you are starting out with a theme, broaden your horizons and don't think to yourself "Oh I can't post it because it wont fit my strict theme". If its a boss ass pic, then post it and make it work by incorporating more of the dominant colour from that photo into more of your pics.

4) Incorporate everyday things.
All basic everyday objects that can be transformed into amazing insta pics.
If you see cute flowers... go pose with them .
If you see a cute pink wall...go pose with it!

5) Take more photos.
Its a well know fact, that one cannot simply take one photo at a time! I think a minimum of three is classified as normal ; )
So it sounds silly to say but you must embrace every chance you have to take nice pictures.
The reality is, you probably wont be wearing the same cute outfit at the same cute place again- so why not photograph it?

Lastly (but certainly not least)..

Look... gal/boi/whatever you identify with...
You may think you don't look the best, but if you follow the steps above, the picture will slay anyway so don't take yourself too seriously and have fun with it : )