Yes i know it's still early and you might want to enjoy the summer for as long as you can. But sooner or later, you are going to have to let go. The fall season can be a dark and cold time, which does not sound very appealing to some people. But really, you just need the right perspective. Fall season is actually such a beautiful time. To help you on the way i have made this list of 30 reasons to love the fall season. And trust me, after reading this, saying goodbye to summer isn't going to sound that bad after all...

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1. Stepping outside and breathing in the crisp air of fall.
2. Shopping for new fall clothing and clean out the summer clothes.
3. Hot chocolate, apple cider and pumpkin spice lattes. Drinking tea before bed.
4. Stepping on crunchy leaves everywhere you go.
5. Foggy mornings.
6. Chilly nights.
7. The sound of rain hitting your bedroom window.
8. Adding more cozy blankets to your bed.
9. The smell from fall scented candles filling your entire room.
10. Wearing oversized sweaters all day long.
11. Apple Picking with someone you love.
12. Reading really good books.
13. Watching the wind catch the piles of leaves.
14. Halloween.
15. Having bonfires and roasting Marshmallows. Make S'mores.
16. Wearing dark lipstick and nail polish.
17. The colors of the leaves changing and making whole lanskapes more colourful.
18. Having movie marathons and watch all you favourite movies.
19. Carving pumpkins.
20. The beautiful sunsets of Autumn.
21. Thunderstorms.
22. Black Friday shopping.
23. Lighting candles in the dark.
24. The smell of freshly baked homemade pies. Pumpkin pie, Apple pie, Pecan pie, choose your favourite.
25. Taking beautiful photographs.
26. Secretly starting to countdown to Christmas (even if it's still September).
27. Haunted houses.
28. Layering comfy clothes to stay warm.
29. Thanksgiving.
30. Just being alive and happy.

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I really hope that this made you more inspired for fall season.
Also, i worked really hard on this article, which is also my first, so please give it a heart if you enjoyed it!