We heart it was a revelation to me, when I discovered it around 6 years ago.It offered me a daily dose of beauty and inspiration that I was craving, but I always felt like we are lacking communication here, so I was thrilled when I saw we can write articles now.
I always loved to read, and I always had perfect grades on essays, but my dream od writing something of my own is not yet close to realisation.Furthermore, since I started college I completely lost my habit of reading, and stopped writing altogeather, and I didn;t have any idea of how to fix it- and then this happened.
I study agriculture- fruit production and enology to be exact.I would love to connect with as many people from those fields, to exchange knowledge and experience.I am esppecially interested in organic agriculture.We could even start some bussineses here.
I am also interested in other cultures, folklore, recepies, traditional dances and costumes, so bring it on!But feel free to write about contemporary societies of your countries, for us who don;t have opportunity to travel.
To summarize, of course, write to express yourselves, but also let;s hear each other out, ask questions, and , write what other members would like to read about.

Lots of love to everyone!