Hay everyone i'm writing this not just for you but for me too.
I believe in this world we need to start believing in ourselfs even though others take us down with words or acts.

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First of all we are all important, never tell yourself that your not because you are, you just have to make your life an adventure where you are your own hero or heroine.
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Second: It's okay to have not figured it all out who you are, that's the beauty of being human to explore deep down in yourself who you truly are and excepting it. No one has to change.
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Third: if you're scared of being diffrent because of things that happend in your life, don't be accept your diffrences and own them, be proud of who you are, even if you went through all that darkness. Someone loves you for you.
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And last of all tell other people they are special or wanted you will get it in return, you might just be someone's hope through there own darkness and they will help you in return. The beauty is to help eachother in these difficult times when we must really accept ourselves and love us for who we are.