23 August - 22 september
Typical properties for the constellation Virgo:

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Zodiac sign-Virgo horoscope properties;
Shy and modest
Reliable and accurate
Zealous and practical
Analytical and intelligent

But also...

Worrisome and fussy
Overly harsh and critical
Conservative and perfectionist

People with als horoscope Virgo tend to be cunning, critical, observational, judicious, patient and tend towards conservatism. They can be rather chilly come across because they have a tendency to suppress their innate kindness by negative experiences. The downside of this can they are not entering into new friendships quickly or keep a certain distance in friendships.

But appearances are deceiving, because under their outward coldness lurks in people with the horoscope Virgo a plethora of emotions. The point is that they do not like to people show because they trust others not so or afraid to reveal too much of themselves.

They are very much concerned about others and life very with others, but hide that under a cover of sobriety and a quiet detachment.

I'm an virgo on 8 september, I love being an virgo. But... sometimes not.
I know right. Your maybe gemini or libra or whatever.

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I wanted to say that you should be happy what horoscope you have! <3