Hi, guys!! Before starting I would like to say sorry if in the rest of the text I have some orthographic mistakes but English isn`t my first language 😊.

Well, as you can see on my album called "my own creations" I have some pictures taken by me, they have some likes which is fine for me but it isn`t the important thing on this. I really like photography and I know that the most of the people on this page think the same (that`s why I'm here) so let me tell you what I usually do when I have an idea for a picture.

In my case I don`t like to recreate pictures because I usually take them just in the moment, when I see something or someone that I like for a picture I just take my phone and that`s all, (if it is a person please ask him o her before taking it😂), after if I want I can edit something, etc. But it`s true that I love to see another people pictures, (that`s another point for me to being here) and after I just mix everything that I liked.

I have an iPhone 5s (it is too old but fine for me) and I use VSCO if I have/want to edit the picture.

About the edition:
As I said I use VSCO and I always use the normal edition like bright or contrast, but the app has pretty filters that I sometimes use. My favorites ones are T1, F2, and C1. The last one has so much contrast and bright so I use it in the dark pictures and the other ones have more fade which I think looks pretty.

About taking the picture:
Everybody here knows which kind of photography likes so, you just have to try and try how to take the picture (in this case it's helpful to recreate one), try to find the angle and the light, and that`s enough for an amateur picture.

I wish to help you with this and just never give up, this is not that difficult 😊 See you!