my love for autumn/fall grows every year. there are so many things to be excited about. this time of the year makes me feel even more loved (than i actually am.. sigh). but! i couldn't help and notice that a lot of people hate autumn and it has me confused, so here i am. i'm going to tell all of you the pros and cons of autumn. (p.s. these are mostly pros..)


Pro #1

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this (obviously) can't be an article about this lovely season without mentioning, sweathers. it's starting to get cold outside and all you wanna do is be warm and not uncomfortable! sweathers come in all shapes, sizes and colours. you can get an oversized one, a perfect-sized, etc. some might be itchy, but it's a part of the fall experience. when you find the perfect sweather with the pattern and type of fabric you want, it's an amazing feeling.

Pro #2

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i simply do not understand how anyone could hate rain. it's my favorite type of weather and i really enjoy watching the water drip down, ahhh. it's really calming and soothing to watch and listen to.

Pro #3

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Tea/coffee/cocoa/warm drinks

okay, you have your sweather on and you're enjoying your sunday evening inside. it's raining, which means it's perfect weather for having a warm drink. tea with lots of sugar, black coffee, cocoa with marshmallows or whatever you prefer!

Pro #4

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more spesifically, good smelling candles. it causes a cozy enviorment and makes you feel happy, warm and cuddlyyyy. it also makes your room not smell like stinky socks and more like pumpkin/cinnamon/the smell you choose.

Pro #5

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what is better than coming home from a long day at school or work and wrapping yourself in blankets? basically nothing. it's even better if you have big, soft pillows, but a few blankets also works.

Pro #6

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The Colours

in the autumn, you get colours like orange, brown, yellow, etc, the color scheme makes me extremly happy. it's more diverse and nice colours then what it is in for example, spring.

Pro #7

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Almost Winter

wow, sorry- but it's almost winter. even more cozy sweathers, christmas movies, snow, etc, etc. my favourite seasons. 10/10.


Con #1

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It's cold

even though you have all these things to keep you warm, it's still effing cold outside.. you can't go around drinking warm drinks all day and sometimes a cozy sweather isn't enough ;_:

Con #2

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Wasting pumpkins

i love pumpkins, but a lot of people just use the "outside" of them since halloween is just around the corner. what about the food inside of it? you can use it to a lot of recepies! it's also a shame that some of them aren't bought and just thrown away, what was the point of taking them away from where they were growing? (remember that this is just my opinion, i just hope that more people could stop wasting pumpkins for only using it as "art". i also understand that you can't just grow your own pumkins, but lmao..)


thank you ♡ for reading my article.