What makes us happy? That question has never been answered the same. That is because not every person considers happiness the same. Does money makes us happy? Does being skinny makes us happy? Does a person makes us happy? Does a piece of pizza makes us happy? Yes, they all do. What is happiness then? Well, happiness is a state of mind. It can be a moment or a longer period of time, but it is present.

Remember to take up everything that makes you laugh, that tingles your stomach, that gives you confidence and makes you aware of the privilege of being alive.

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That song that changes your mood ; that person that motivates you to look healthy and great ; that little object that inspires you to do what you love - use all of that to find your inner strength and to make your happiness longer than it lasts for others.

Life is not endless. Its limits are unknown for each person. Therefore, use your time wisely and every time you lose hope remember that you only live once. Right now, this second... Use it!

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