I wanted to write this because a girl inspired me.I will writethis for all the LGBT people here.
You should love yourself and accept yourself.I was 13 or 14 years old i think.When i first throught i am into girls.And i still remember how i felt.I was afraid.I was always support LGBT people but nver througt i am a one of them.So i was afraid.so much.But i was watching Glee and trust me,it helps a lot about accept yourself.
It's not wrong that you are part of the LGBT.It's not wrong.It's only love.
I know it's not easy because i know there is a lot close minded person out there.My family are one of these people too.I still did not tell them that i am lesbian because they are so religious and they would reject me and kick me out of the house.But please don't listen them.You are not a sin or bad people.
You can always talk to me about this and other everything.♡