Hi guys,

Well, everyone wants to be healthy, but that does't mean that you need to be vegetarian, however, i'm gonna tell you about anothers alternatives to cow milk.
So I try not to drink cow milk because it's not natural, and i started reading articles about the hormones that come from cow to us that aren't good for our bodys.
Anyway, I started to try almond drink, rice drink, coconut drink, soya drink, oat drink and hazel drink. I like to drink that with some coffe, and is not necessery add sugar because the drink is already sweet, but you can also make shakes with fruits in the blender.
I usually drink the oat drink because i found it is the moast similar with milk.

I hope you like the alternatives, rebember that the first tries may be disappointing, but when you find one drink that you like you will feel healthier.

Have a nice day :D