"Colour Blind"

God was an artist, and earth was his canvas. He stained our skies with fabricated colours that sparked creation itself. Shades of orange and red that slowly descended into purple, echoed in the vast, blue sky.

The forests were lively, with grass that glistened green in the Summer, and crisped brown in the Autumn. Chilled silver frost pierced the dying Spring flowers as Winter approached.
Assorted trees towered high, overlaying the soil, and protecting the wood's spirit.

The ocean, which was its own water colour painting, displayed its blended cast of iridescence. Periwinkle waves grazed the textured sandy coast, and sage palm trees danced to the warm breeze.

The desert was desiccant, tinged with light hues of beige, and calm shades of ivory. Introverted from the rest of the world, the desert seemed to sing a melancholy tune with it's unrestrained winds, and eternal starry skies.

The city was deafening, with music resounding in ears, and blazing strobe lights bouncing off buildings. The darkness of night time was overwhelmed by the illuminated screens of cellphones. Billboards were ablaze, advertising meaningless commodity with alluring neon colours. The city was animated, its vibrant chromaticism entricing and welcoming.

The people were discrete, skintones ranging from warm chesnut brown to cheerful flushed cream. Their diversity is what made them beautiful, colours of all kind walking among eachother. Happy girls with chubby cheeks, and hazel eyes. Sad boys with red wrists and broken smiles. Hands of all nationality that were made to be held, and love of all kinds that was made to be shared.

These are all things our bored eyes and young minds take for granted.
We as people have become colourblind.