Okay, so here's the thing, the other day my mom asked me "How can you be a princess and a feminist?" And that kind of bugged me... a lot. Are princesses displayed as weak or in need of saving? I don't think it's entirely fair when I see a selected amount of women bashing princesses. To help with self esteem when I was little I would consider myself a princess. Because I saw them as kind, and just, and brave and adventurous. All of the character traits that I wanted to grow into when I was older. So quick PSA, why not both?

Isn't feminism about empowering all women? I strongly praise the idea that Disney princesses should be included in that vast majority. And not just the ones that are typically depicted as bold and strong. I mean, while it's fantastic to see independent, strong Disney princesses, what's wrong with the other princesses showing stereotypical feminine traits. As far as I'm concerned, there's a good chunk of the female community (young or old) that has looked up to Disney princesses, and from the looks of it, they're just getting better.

I think the wide range of diversity in traits (and cultures!) within the Disney princess pool shows that although we girls are different, we're all on the same side. I believe it also shows that each princess is filled with their own kind of magic.

I trust that it's 100% justifiable to be a princess and a feminist. Girl power!