Hi fellow hearters!

Are you interested in the latest and coolest trends to make your room look amazing? If that's the case, here are 5 things to make your room look awesome!

1. Marble all the way

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Marble is HOT. It looks absolutely gorgeous and it seems chic and expensive (but it doesn't have to be!). You can buy some marble wallpaper and give an old table a make over or you can just buy some accessories with marble print. Look at that Apple marble case, I want it so bad!! 😍

2. It's the green, it's the green you need (Disney reference if you get it! )

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When I say, green, of course I mean PLANTS! Honestly, you need at least 1 plant in your room. If you suck at keeping plants in life (like me), just take some cactusses. I mean, you have to try really hard to succeed at letting a cactus die! Some nature in your room gives you a feeling of peace and will cheer up your room. 🌵

3. Light it up

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Lights make a room really cosy and lights always manage to cheer me up. I could stare at them all night ;)
You can hang them above your bed or on the wall, or when you have a mirror you can tape them around it. They always remind me of Christmas and that's like one of my favourite times a year!

4. Fluffiness

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Add some fluffiness to your room! Do you have a simple chair or seat, spice it up with some fluffy pillows or blankets and find yourself a super soft fluffy carpet! It will make you want to curl up on your floor all day ;)

5. Polaroids all the way

Take some pictures and hang them on your wall. They will give your room a personal touch and you will be rememberd of some good times every time you pass by them. Keep the memories alive!

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I hope you are dreaming about a total room make over after reading this, because I am! Oh and if you know some cool decoration tips feel free to share them with me :)

Lots of hearts,