Hello, everyone!

This is my first WHI article :) I´m glad they have this new update because now I can make nail art tutorials, book reviews, music suggestions, etc. We´re gonna have so much fun together!

But first, I wanted to introduce myself so you get to know me better.
Here are some fun facts about me:

- My name is Natalia, which is the Spanish version of the name Natalie or Natasha.
- I´m Mexican and I live in the capital.
- My favorite colors are pink, blue and yellow.
- I´m ecologist.
- I´m 19 years old.
- The thing I love the most in the world is Disney (although my favorite movie is How to train your dragon, which is from DreamWorks).
- I have 3 cats and 1 dog (all of them are rescued from the street).
- As you can see in my picture, I love to travel!
- I read a lot.
- My favorite hobbies are painting and drawing.
- I speak Spanish (obviously haha), English and French.
- My dream is to make something good for my country (and the whole world) and to fight poverty, injustice, hunger, discrimination and environmental issues.

I love all the things from my WHI collections and I love making internet friends with people who love the same things I do :) so you know, if you´re into those fandoms or want to talk to someone, I´m always there!

Lots of love, Nat.