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Today I'm going to share how I stay organized either at home and for school because trust me it's going to make the biggest difference in your life, reduce the stress and increase your grades.

I used to be the least organized person in the world, which is proof that anybody can follow these steps with a little will power.

Tidy everything

And by that I mean everything. The key to this step is that every single object you own needs to belong somewhere. That book that's been on your bedside table for 3 months, put it somewhere. That pair of sneakers which you think can just be anywhere in your room because they're your go-to, give them a designated space and force yourself to always put them there. Your purse, your ruler, your laptop, your backpack, your makeup bag... Every single sheet of paper even need to belong somewhere. It's going to take a while if you've never tried that technique, but get to it step by step. One day take care of your desk, one day your books, one day your makeup...

It will both help you with keeping your room always tidy and with being organized for school, if all of your notes get in order in your binders (use binders).

Another tip is : if you can't find a designated space for one object, that means you have to throw it away. If your reaction is "I can't throw it away, I need this" then that object is worth you make an effort and find somewhere. You can find easy DIY s to organize your drawers, keep your shoes boxes and tissue boxes.

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Use files

This goes for digital files and real files. On your desktop, start by creating a file for each one of your subjects. On your gmail, make files for your e-mails (I use one for highschool and another one for the extra classes I take, it depends on everyone's needs), and spend extra time every other day to put your emails in those files or to delete them. Start by deleting every email you don't need anymore (yes that's probably your entire inbox) and unsubscribe to the companies that send you emails you don't read (example : Facebook, Twitter, Zara...).

For real files, I mean always make sure your notes are in appropriate binders or folders (whichever you prefer). I personally like to take one binder to school with dividers for each class, and when I finish one chapter I put it at home in the binder of that one subject. Have a file for important papers like your diplomas or whatever is important.

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Plan and make to do lists

I used to think those were a waste of time but today I can't live without it. I have a calendar on the wall above my desk on which I stick post-it notes with the assignements I need to do, deadlines, homework, my period also hehe. It's a good thing to make a to do list before you go to sleep for the next morning so when you wake up you won't have forgotten what needs to be done.

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Use this if you don't already : https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/momentum/laookkfknpbbblfpciffpaejjkokdgca

I hope all these tips will be useful, and good luck with getting your life back on track

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