So, this is my first articel and I'm a bit excited!
And I'm very sorry for the following mistakes, I'm from Germany and still not a master of the english language. Never will be, to be honest... BUT:

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In the last days, I was a bit concerned about what I want to do in the future.
I'm going to University in October for the first time in my life! And I'm nervous about it. Will I fit in? Am I good enough?
So, if I really make it that way, I will be a teacher in a few years! Yay :)

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And that's the point where I'm getting nervous probably.

I really love languages and history. And these are the two subjects that make me go to the University soon.
But my father is a doctor and it worried me a long time.
I thought, I just have to be like my father! Study medicine, become a doctor and sadly one without a TARDIS.

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But today he said something to me, I am deeply grateful for:

"The society thinks, the people who are going to be doctors, studying medicine are the heros of mankind, probably demigods. And I know various of them, where I pray for at night to not be one of their patients one day. It is a misbelief that doctors are the most intelligent and eminently respectable human beings on earth.
All they had to do, is learn. Indeed, it is very hard and a lot you have to know. But all you really need to do for it, is to learn."

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What I want to say:
You don't have to become someone you don't want to be!
We don't need all humans to become Doctors or Lawyers!
We need all of you! Police officers, artitsts, care takers, bus drivers, singers, scientists, animators!
And applying to me and all of you out there, who maybe want to become a teacher, too:
We need the teachers to show the new generations all the possibilities they have.
We help parents to raise writers, engineers and most important: Dreamers!

Everyone of us has special talents and we shouldn't be afraid to use them. We should be proud and confident and we should learn to love ourselfes for what we are and even for what we never will be.

But we should never stop dreaming. Sometimes it's the only thing encouraging us.

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Thank you, if you made it this far, I'm proud of you for being so patient with me :)
So, go on! Do what you like! Be completly free to be you! I love you ♥

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