Omg I cannot tell you how many times I've typed, deleted, and retype this article, but hi.

Welp for starters my name is Eden and I'm so extremely thankful for all of you who follow me and love the pictures that I put up.
So to all 1,031 of you... THANK YOU SOO FREAKING MUCH!!!!

When I started weheartit I was soo shy and afraid to post, thinking that no one will like the things I put up, but I am so glad I did because I have all of you ( even the ads, I see you) and you've made me extremely happy and boosted my confidence. So I really can't thank you enough.

Okay and on to things about me...

Age: I am 16 years old
Birthday: November 10th ... I'm a scorpio baby :)
Things I love: Music, and more music, and food, and writing

Yups that's it I believe. If you want to know more or you just want a friend just send me a postcard... I won't bite I promise.. Later