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A little bit about myself

Hello everyone! My name is Can. I have been here on We Heart It for almost four years now, creating different accounts and changing my style.
A few days ago, I saw that articles were available for us to write here, and I got really excited to share my interests with you and the community.
As you may have read in my profile, I am a coffee, fashion and fitness lover. I personally like to share that part of my personality through pictures —and articles now— and that's what I have been doing for the past four years.
I am also a student from South America, who speaks Spanish and English (btw, sorry if you find any mistakes) and is willing to learn French too.

My style

I wouldn't say I have just one way of dressing or approaching fashion, and that's why I cannot sum up my style in just one word.
However, I would like to share with you my top favorite pieces that I find essential or attractive to wear, and hopefully, determine a bit which outfits I find stylish.

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My top favorite pieces of 2017- Shortened version

High heels
Not that I wear them every day, but I find that heels just make any outfit look ten times better.
They are classy, delicate and feminine if used correctly.

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Cropped or detailed trousers
These have to be one of my favorite pieces out of all the list.
A pair of nice trousers that fit well is an essential for the everyday-person who want to look stylish yet comfortable.
The details make it different from any other plain trouser that you may see on the street, plus adds something to those outfits that may look boring.

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High wasted skirts
I think that skirts are really versatile, playful pieces.
You can really change an outfit's identity just by changing the pair of jeans that you may have grabbed in the first place for a nice looking skirt.

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Red or nude lips
These both opposite trends have something in common: spicing up outfits.
This purpose is pretty clear with red lips, but you may be wondering how that could even happen with nude ones.
Actually, nude lips are really powerful. They can emphasize features or pieces that otherwise would be hidden, especially with red lips. However, with these last ones, we can make any simple outfit look more put together and add a pop of color.

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If you are interested in reading a full article on my favorite 2017 trends and fashion pieces, please like this picture and contact me!

My upcoming posts

I actually am really keen on articles and hopefully, I will be writing more if you like my content. Below there's a list of some future posts ideas that I find interesting for the month of September.

  • My September favorites
  • Beauty DIY ideas
  • My most worn pieces
  • Interesting facts about cities
  • Makeup/product reviews
  • Healthy recipes/coffee
  • Study tips

That's all for now!
Thank you for reading my post and I wish you all a productive and positive week.
Much love,