1- Go to a concert
2- Go to a beach party
3- Have a picture with my idol
4- Give a ride to someone i don't know
5- Teach something to a group of people
6- Buy a random airplane ticket
7- Know international people
8- Make a cake without the box
9- Organize a surprise party
10- Make a camping day with friends
11- Kiss under the rain
12- Run a race
13- Go to a yacht party
14- Adopt a puppy
15- Make charity
16- Have a babysitting day
17- Learn to play an instrument
18- Go to a red carpet
19- Tattoo my passport
20- Learn new languages
21- Go to Disneyland
22- Try bungee
23- Try skydiving
24- Donate blood
25- Pass Halloween in US
26- Go to a dance classes
27- Have an romantic dinner
28- Get a tattoo
29- Get a perforation
30- Try a different hair look
31- Have a pijama's party
32- Buy some Kylie lipsticks
33- Visit Bernabeu stadium in Madrid, Spain
34- Become a photographer
35- Travel to Greece
36- Live in another country for a year
37- Go swap
38- Travel all around the world
39- Go to a really crazy drunk party
40- Make a Harry Potter Marthon
41- Make horror movies night
42- Go to a Scape Room (Zombies)
43- Travel all around my beautiful country (México)
44- Try to eat healthier
45- Be a good soccer player
Fulfill all my goals and dreams
That's it girls i hope you liked my Bucket list and got inspired♥
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