As the calendar turns from August to September, we step into fall (aka my favourite season). A new season means new fashion trends.
Many people gets sad when summer ends, but for me I get excited and happy because fall is such a nice and cozy season, and especially the fashion is something to look forward to.


As always a great sweater is key for the cold months. It keeps you warm, comfortable and stylish. There are so many different sweaters, so no matter what you can find one that fits your personal style.

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Chunky cardigans

Just like sweaters cardigans are made to keep you warm and fashionable. I'm the type of person who owns cardigans as thick and warm as blankets, because who doesn't want to look good and put together while feeling like you are wrapped in a big blanket?

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Coats are always some of my favourite fall fashion items. They are so easy to just throw on and they can really tie an outfit together.
I usually to go for colours like brown, tan og grey, because they go with every outfit.

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A perfect accessorie for fall is a nice looking hat. They look great, while keeping your head warm. And if you have a bad hairday they are litterally a lifesaver.

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Fall 2017 colours

As you might guess some of my favourite colours for fall are grey, white, brown, yellow and beige. Every new season has it's trendy colours. For fall 2017 the colours are mainly going to be grey, green, yellow, brown and burgundy, which I'm pretty stoked about.

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I really hope these tips and trends were useful and that you enjoyed this article. Happy fall!