Oh yeah, I am excited. Any of y'all wanna know why?
Well. it is a pretty easy assumption that I am beyond excited for OCTOBER. Yup! Fall is coming and I couldn't be more thrilled.

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Comfy blankets, warm fuzzy socks, hot chocolate, new books, rainy days, scary movies, baking cookies, etc.
Just typing that made me 100% more happy that fall is almost here! I also can not wait for starbucks to start serving my pumpkin spice lattes. yeah, I'm basic.

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I also am excited for scary movies, and watching American Horror story while wrapped up in my light beige fuzzy blanket and some home made chocolate chip cookies right next to me.

I even bought the cutest and most delicious pumpkin sugar cookie from starbucks to get me hyped. I am pretty sure that fall is my favorite time of the year.

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The smell of fall candles from bath and body works will fill my room of the scent of marshmallows and pumpkin. ugh, I know some people do not see the joy as I do when it comes to fall but man. Everyone that knows me already knows what I expect during this time and thankfully some enjoy the moment with me.


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The one thing that is a bit upsetting is that not a lot of people celebrate Halloween like they used to when I was a kid and it's quite a bummer.

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