These are my favorite series and why are they my favorites, I'm already sorry for what you'll read because explaining what I think in a language that isn't my native one is a bit complicated but I do my very best. Also I don't know if you'll be able to see the pics because I have trouble with the whole " putting pictures in articles" thing. Hope you like it and don't hesitate to share your opinion on the series xx

10- Dead Like Me

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This serie is about a girl named Georgia who died when a toilet from a space station falls from the sky and hits her. She then becomes a reaper and has to learn how to do her job properly and to deal with her weird new life. What I appreciate in this serie is that the idea of death who is present is mostly in every TV shows is , there, turned to a different point of you and added to a funny context, also with a main character that I got quickly attached to.

9- The Magicians

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Quentin Coldwater, the main character, discover a university that specializes in magic training and also that he is born to be a magician. But between his new studies and his new friends he realize that the magical fantasy world he read about when he was a kid is real.
The way the magicians are represented in this serie is just awesome! The apparently sweet world of magic and fantasy is turned upside down and become a bit gory for children likings.

8- Friends

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Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler and Ross will learn to live, love and about the ups and downs of friendship in New York City.
I don't know what to say except that this one is probably the first serie that I watched. It's funny, sad, full of romance, and I just love it.

7- Marvel's Iron Fist

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After his parents died in a tragic accident, the young Danny Rand is adopted by monks of the mystical lost city of K'un-Lun where he's taught a magical fighting style . He then returned to New York 15 years later but quickly realize that everything has changed.
So despite of all the critics, I really love this show. Danny's character got me hooked as well as Ward Meachum who's a really good " villain" and I really love the plot.

6- Marvel's Jessica Jones

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Jessica Jones, who have superhero powers and work as a private investigator decide to defend those harmed by her abusive ex-lover who has the power to manipulate minds.
Jessica is AWESOME! Making her alcoholic and "allergic" to people was by far the best idea and she's one of my favorite Marvel's character. The story is easy to get attached to and I watched the first season in one day.

5- Marvel's The Defenders

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Another Marvel, I'm sorry but not doubt that I'm a huge fan now...
Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Daredevil and Iron Fist decide to form a team to fight against their common ennemy who threatens to destroy New York City and it will gladly take four superheroes to take them down.
The idea of mixing four superheroes with opposite personnalities and making them teamed up is already a fight in itself and the characters just perfectly fit together, I want another season of The Defenders.

4- IZombie

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Liv Moore attend a party on a boat that turns into a zombie feeding frenzy and becomes a zombie herself. Afterwards she takes a job in the coroner's office in order to secretly snack on the corpse.
Finally a serie where we have friendly zombies. Liv Moore is the cutest zombie ever, it's funny, with, of course, police cases without being too bloody for a zombie TV show.

3- Sherlock

sherlock, john watson, and mrs hudson image

A modern Sherlock Holmes with his long-suffering but faithful friend Dr John Watson in present- day London.
The Sherlock Holmes stories are changing to correspond to our days and Sherlock is amazing. A sociopath and psychopath ( because I can say it) as the main hero is the key point of the show and how nobody can plan on what he'll do next.

2- Parks & Recreation

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Pawnee, Indiana. Leslie Knope, a well-intentionned deputy head of Parks and Recreation department battles troublesome neighbors, callous officials and an anti-governement boss all in the name of saving her community.
Parks & Rec is a serie where I spent my time laughing while watching it. The characters are funny and I easily got attached to them while they're battling to resolve all the problems they come to face. They're crazy, funny, stupid but very lovable.

1- Supernatural

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When their father who's a demon hunter goes missing from one of his supernatural missions, Sam and Dean must come together to fight the evil demons, monsters, gods and even angels that covertly roam the earth, in order to rescue him and the rest of humanity.
My favorite serie ever! There are so many plot twists, Sam and Dean are very interesting characters, and also enjoyable to watch... Every episode is different but follow a backstory all along and we discover a bunch of different characters. Supernatural taught me that even bad characters were lovable and I could watch it in loop without getting bored. Can't wait for the 13th season.

Hope you enjoy reading this. xx