September is great for numerous reasons. It might be the month that school , one of the most hated things in the world, starts but even in that there is a positive side. ☁

1) Reunion with friends 🎇
This has to do with school people. After a long break from school and all of your friends (and probably you too) have gone to holidays you'll get to see them again. It sounds so exciting to me.

2) Fall's outfits 😍
Jackets, jeans, sweaters, more jackets, denim stuff, t-shirts, JACKETS! You can wear anything you want in September because the weather is not specific. It can be sunny, rainy, chilly and again sunny. (sound like my mood swings). Come on I know you've been waiting forward to wear your favorite jean jacket, or simple jacket. No! It can't be only me!!

3) Chill 👌
Hey again school people!! As it was previously vacation time most of the teachers have chilled after not seeing your face... umm... mean... didn't have to deal with work :D. Most of people are chill after vacation except if you count the fact that they have finished. Ops...

4) Rides 🚲
Imagine yourself in a motorcicle wearing a leather black jeacket and leaves falling in the ground from tall trees. A E S T H E T I C. Everything about September is aesthetic to be honest.

That's the greatest thing to be honest. Just in case you care it is on september 7th.

6) Mugs with hot chocolate.
Sounds like winter but damn it rains often in Greece on September.


thanks for reading this lame article ԑ̮̑♦̮̑ɜܓ